Alex Herbert PWSGo back ten years and Alex Herbert had just relocated to Dubai and joined a large firm of IFAs as a junior associate. Today, however, Alex is Regional Managing Partner of the international financial advisory firm, Prestige Wealth Solutions.

Alex says his main goal in life is to provide for his family and ensure his children receive a good education (Alex and wife Emma have a 3-year-old son, Lucas, and are expecting their second child in December). Alex is thankful to be carrying out this objective while enjoying the ever-predictable Emirati weather. “I like being able to go to the beach and plan a BBQ without having to worry about rain,” he says.

When he isn’t working, you can find Alex playing football or enjoying the latest release at the box office. On a rainy day – very rare in Dubai, of course – you might find him reading a novel by James Patterson. Don’t let him choose the music, however, because Alex is a secret fan of New Kidz On The Block, whose inaugural album was the first record he ever purchased. Alex’s personal hero, however, is perhaps more serious-minded – the man who led Britain and her allies to WWII victory, Sir Winston Churchill.

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